Fidget Spinners


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Phone/Tablet Holders


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Vapor Holders


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Better HEALTH = Better LIFE!

We all want better health. Only USANA products have the highest 5 GOLD STAR rating in the nutritional and supplement industry. Whatever your nutritional needs are, USANA has the answer.

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Web Services

Design & Development

Starting from scratch, you can have a great design and mobile ready web site in a few weeks. I specialize in Bootstrap builds, that makes maintaining the web site more effective and responsive.

Wordpress Install & Assistance

Wordpress is a great way for you to manage your own web site. It's not just for blogging. There are many ways to make it your own with many plug-ins and themes. I can setup up your own instance on my server, so you can give it a good run through.

Hosting Assistance

Getting the right hosting service is important for your web site. I can assist you, or do it for you, to get you setup on a good affordable hosting service.

Re-design Services

You may already have a web site that you just need a good re-design of. Send me your web site address and I will review it and let you know how it can be better.


You may not have the time to maintain your web site the way it needs to be, so don't worry, I am here to do that for you.

Maintenance Training

If you want to go the extra step, I will train you to be able to maintain your web site.

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Digital Painting Service

Image to Art

Offering a fresh new way of taking your beloved images to the next level by Digitally Painting them to make them a masterpiece that is affordable.

Digitally Painting

Day Dreaming - For a Living Room

Digitally Painting

The Happy Family - A Son's House Warming Gift

Digitally Painting

Heritage - A Gift for her Husband

Digitally Painting

Old Tunes - For a Music Room

Digitally Painting

Sunset Bridge - For a Brother's Study

Digitally Painting

Happy Birthday - A Parents Anniversary Gift

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